Pastel Scrap Bag #3

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Hand-Dyed caribou hair scraps. These are pieces that cannot be sold as whole or have slight defects in dying. The hair itself is perfect and can still be used to tuft. This is perfect for someone who's just beginning or would like to try a variety of colours. Each bag weights approximately 30-35grams which is equivalent to about 15sq inches of hair.

Please remember that caribou tufting if originally a Métis/Dene and Northern Cree art that originated in Fort Providence, NWT. Tufting defines artists from this area of Canada and is an important and significant cultural marker. I respectuflly ask that if you are not Indigenous, you refrain from purchasing caribou hair. If you are Indigenous and would like to try tufting, please seek out a mentor in order to learn this craft from one of it's original keepers.