Jet Black Tufted Raven Skulls Piosealain x Harvest Moon Collab

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This Piosealain x Harvest Moon collaboration is a celebration of culture and beadwork. Rhiannon is a Celtic beadwork artist who beads beautiful traditional Celtic designs. In this collaboration, Rhiannon beaded the raven skulls, bluebells and foxgloves white Olivya of Harvest Moon tufted, backed and edged the pieces. The tufting is done with reindeer hair, the domesticated cousin of the caribou. Tufting is traditionally done with caribou, however since they are an endangered species it's more responsible to use reindeer. Celtic people have a special and old relationship with reindeer representing the spiritual relationship between the gods often playing the role of messenger. Throughout history reindeer have been used as substance for Celtic people, using every part for food, shelter, and highland dress. The relationship has changed with the endangerment of reindeer in the highlands to one of steward and guide helping the migration of the last herd in Scotland.

It's important to acknowledge that tufting is originally a Métis/Dene/Cree art form that originated in Fort Providence, NWT and is a significant cultural marker of the peoples that come from and inhabit this area. 

Each pair take collectively between 8-12 hours to create collectively between Rhiannon and I, they are truly a labour of love! 

These earrings are 1.5" wide and have a drop length of 4". They are backed with black commercial tan deer hide. They are mounted on sterling silver bass clef hooks.