Blue Caribou Hair Scrap Bag

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The hair in this bag is all different shades of blue and scraps, priced accordingly.

Scrap hand-dyed caribou hair. approx 5sq inch pieces, about 50-60g of hair. Colour will vary by bag.

Due to the nature of this hand-dyed product, please allow for slight variations in colour through the hair.

Please remember that caribou tufting if originally a Métis/Dene and Northern Cree art that originated in Fort Providence, NWT. Tufting defines artists from this area of Canada and is an important and significant cultural marker. I respectuflly ask that if you are not Indigenous, you refrain from purchasing caribou hair. If you are Indigenous and would like to try tufting, please seek out a mentor in order to learn this craft from one of it's original keepers.