Where can I find your work for sale?

At this time I only sell on this website and will post on Instagram and send emails when I restock! 

Do you take custom orders?/How can I get a custom order?

Unfortunately I do not take custom orders anymore. They have become too stressful and are not a source of joy for me. I prefer to work organically without restrictions. I understand that this can be disappointing however this is the best thing for me to keep creating beautiful pieces.

That being said, the only orders I will accept are bridal orders. Please reach out a minimum of 6 months ahead of your wedding day to inquire.

I will NOT recreate another artist's work.

What are your findings made of? Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes! I always use nickel free precious metal plated or solid findings. For example, nickel free silver plated or solid gold. If you have a preference please let me know I can switch findings out. Anything that is fill (silver/gold fill) will have a small added charge due to the cost of precious metals. All my fingernail posts are nickel free and silver plated.

Do you have any vegan friendly options?

Right now, all my beadwork is backed with deer, moose or elk hide and therefore a majority of my work is not Vegan. I find it is the best way to back my pieces, and not only is it more sustainable than plastic alternatives it is also tradition. Animal products are a huge part of who I am. I source ethical materials when possible and by purchasing ethical animal byproducts from other Indigenous folks I get to support them too! It's important to me to continue using animals in a respectful and sustainable way as it as been done for generations before me.

Policy on repairs/lost pieces?

I am more than happy to replace a lost earring at half the cost of the original earrings. As for repairs, I’m happy to repair wear and tear on pieces (for example thread giving out and edging coming apart ect) at no cost. For at-fault repairs (like being chewed up by a pet or crushed) I charge a small fee to cover materials, in both scenarios the piece(s) will be shipped back to you at my cost but, you must cover the cost of shipping it to me!

Policy on lost or damaged orders?

All my packages are sent by tracked mail to avoid this scenario but sometimes it happens! If a piece has not arrived to you within 30 days of shipping please get in touch and we will find a solution, my top priority is to make sure you are taken care of! If your order has arrived damaged due to rough handling, please get in touch.

Shipping Info

I only offer tracked shipping at this time because lettermail is too risky and a lot less safe. Shipping costs are autopopulated by Canada Post but the average costs are as follows; Canada - 10-15$ CAD USA - 10-20$ CAD International - 15-35$ CAD