Everyday heirlooms handcrafted in Toronto, Ontario.

I established Harvest Moon Designs in 2019 and strive to create beautiful, contemporary beaded pieces that will last generations.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop! I release items periodically, I will always announce these drops on my instagram @harvestmoon.designs. Merci, Tiawenhk, Miigwech!

Tufted Trilliums

Harvest Moon

I chose this name to represent my brand for a few different reasons; firstly I was born on a harvest moon. Secondly, I grew up going to a cabin in northern Ontario was on a road called Harvest Moon Lane. And lastly Neil Young's album Harvest Moon , which I used to listen to a lot with my dad.

Painting Earrings

I create earrings based on paintings, artists works I've used as inspiration include Claude Monet, Alex Janvier and the Group of 7.